Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jacob's field day!!!

Lined up with his team ready to race... let the games begin!!!
On your mark, get set, go!!!! He was so excited about field day. Jacob asked last night if it was time for bed so when he woke up it would be field day!!! Jacob you are Fast!!! 9 seconds 1st place...
Physically activities are your thing!!!

You were on team #4 in your class. We were so excited to watch you have so... much fun!!!

This years field day was themed around movies. This one was "Happy Feet"
You have some strong little leggies!!!

This one was G-force!!!

You sweet boy!!! I love watching you really get into all you do!

You are almost 7 years old and still have me hold you. You are my little man... I still love having Grandma Quick hold me!!!

It got a little boring for Kali just to watch see wanted to go, go, go too!!!
She is so much like you Handsome man.

Up she goes to do it again and again. No fear this girl is so crazy she was jumping the the top of the tallest slide fire pole area into Daddy's arms over and over.

It's the simple things in life that bring so much joy!!! Lily loving the Ladybug!!!
Kali wanted to love it but it was a bit too crawling she wasn't too sure of that.
"Chicken Run" it didn't balance very well on any ones head.
You tried your best.

The Tigger one was your personal best!!! Way to go you took best Tigger of the day!
You got so much air and made it look so easy!!!

"Monster Inc." monster feet

Way to go team working it... trying to fill the bottle with water from the sponge.
The water felt nice in the 90 degree weather.

"Huck fin" row, row, row, your boat!!!

Snow cone... that was a nice way to cool down. This was one of your favorite rotations!

Dr. Brown's 1st grade class 2009-2010
We ate lunch and then you got an early dismissal (you've been wanting one forever)
We headed over to the pool and then to swim team. We ended the day off at Cici's
Every one was hungry after such a fun day.
Life is good!!!


rwphillipsfamily said...

Hey!!! what a fun fun day, such great activities that followed the movie themes. love it! Good job, jacob!

Cindy Quick said...

WOW - what a day they put on. I think that looks like a great day!! I love the way you are so active way to go Jacob!!