Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trial swim meet #1

Good morning Mariners!!!
6 and unders lined up on the ready benches for their first swim...
Handsome man ready to take the plunge and freestyle across the whole length of the pool.
Jacob's first swim meet and he did it in 29.67 seconds (3rd place for his age group)

Miss Lily girl getting ready to swim freestyle.
You earned that swimsuit sweetheart way to stick with it and "do the very best you can!"

As we got in the car at 6:45am these were Lily's words
"Kali... I am so exciting it's swim meet today!!!!"
You were so... excited and a bit nervous I think. You faced it head on and after every one else jumped in when they heard the sound you did it!!!

Coach Lynn was at the end cheering you on all the way... You held onto the lane line when you needed a breath and to rest but then you let go and swam your little heart out!!! You made it to the end!!! Way to go Lily.. I'm so proud of you.
Time: 2min 19.41sec
Jacob came in 4th place for back stroke pretty good handsome man for never swimming on your back before. I'm so proud of how well you listen to your coaches and do what they say!!!

Yes!!! The reward for all your hard work!

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Cindy Quick said...

WOW!!! How cool Jacob and Lily - I hope you know how awesome I think you are for having such a great talent. Do you know that your Aunt Cindy can't swim like that?!! I'm very impressed!!