Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day!!! It was a very special day for me...
Thank you for dinner and the specail plate for me to eat on :)
Thank you for making it so special!!!
Mother's day started on Friday and ended on Monday.
(Who am I kidding... mother's day is every day 24-7...I'm a mother every day)
Thank you Jacob, Lily, Kali, and Daddy for all my gifts!!!
I love them ALL!!!
My beautiful flowers were hidden underneath the kitchen table on Friday afternoon for me to play Hot and cold to find. (This is one of the kid's favorite games right now!)
Before Daddy had to leave for work he took the girls to the store. Lily picked out these beautiful roses I planted in my garden in hopes they'll last longer this way.
Good old Daddy is always a tease...
Lily put them on the bumper of the Yukon while Steve put the grocery's in the car. On the way home Lily said... "Daddy, the flowers!!!" She thought they were still there as they drove away, not knowing Steve had put them in. He played this one all the way home telling her they would be ok and hopefully still be there when they got home. He reved the engine fast then stomped on the breaks (you're so... mean!!!) When they pulled into the garage sneaky Steve put the flowers right back where Lily had left them!!! She was so excited to see them safe and sound.
I will cherish these roses for as long as I can keep them alive :) but the memory will last forever!
From the HEART, made with LOVE... so thoughtful!!!
Made at school, home, and church! I'm so grateful for Steve and all of the wonderful teacher's that help me teach these sweet children how to GIVE!!!!

Lily's sweet gifts!!!
You waited and waited from Wednesday when you got home from school until Sunday morning right when I got up to give me my surprise!!!
I love how thoughtful and sweet of a beautiful girl you are!
Thank you for being beautiful inside and out Miss Lily girl!!!!
Jacob you are so thoughtful!!! You love giving gifts. I love the excitement in your eyes as you can't wait to see the reaction to your thoughtfulness. I loved the painting you made me in art class of the flowers and the homemade picture heart thing you made in your room, the fun BIG card from school and flower from church... but this one was my favorite!!! I don't know if it was because of the way you read it to me over and over for days with such enthusiasm or if it was because the inside ...
message was not "generic" you told me that these words were the things you typed up as you thought of me and told me that I am: NICE, HAPPY, LOVING, CARING, PLAYING, and a
PURE JOY!!!! Even though I don't feel that way all of the time I'm so grateful that is what you think of when you think of me!!!! YES, YES, YES.... It's ALL worth it!!!

I love you Steve, Jacob, Lily, and Kali who make me the the Luckiest Mommy in the world!!!
I am who I am because of each of you!!! Thank you for making me, me!!!
Love, Your Mommy for eternity!!!

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