Monday, May 18, 2009


Steve surprised me with a trip to Japan for my Birthday!!!

We flew business first class both ways which was nice for 2 reasons

1. The seats lay down almost flat.

2. The flight was 13 hours going over to Japan and 12 coming back

(The perks of working for Continental)

For dinner we starting out with sushi then either steak or fish.

ending with ice cream Sundas & cheese cake!
I think we better not get used to that because when we go to Southwest it won't happen anymore.

Our first day in Tokyo was in Shinjuku. We learned how their temples and shrines work! They were everywhere.

We found a local market to get some bananas for breakfast.

Steve standing in front of the entrance to a Temple in Shinjuku.

This is a Japanese toilet. You are supposed to squat down and try not

to get your business on your clothes.....good luck!!!

I was so grateful for pictures on all the menus and the little bits of English everywhere. Everyone was so helpful and friendly.

This was our first experience of eating out in Japan. It was a fun experience. Find the picture of what you want
push the button and put in your yen. The money was
fun. 1,000 yen was about $10. We ate rice at every meal with chopsticks!!!

This guy was huge... Steve snuck a picture as he got of the subway.

The subway was a fun experience. We figured it out and could get anywhere in Tokyo.

We were amazed at the respect of all the people. People everywhere walking everywhere and when you got to an escalator everyone would get on single file lined to the left so people could pass on the right. It was amazing to watch.
They were so helpful and kind. I think my favorite part was how they bowed. I loved it!!

The other thing I noticed and loved was how modest everyone dressed.

All the men were in suites!!!

As we came down the street in Roppongi we saw angel Moroni... it was such a comforting feeling.

Here we are in the middle of a foreign country not knowing where we were and when we found the temple I felt like we were home (comfortable and safe)

As we were taking pictures in front of the temple, an Institute teacher came out and showed us the MTC and the dorms located next door.

We found a sushi bar. Since we couldn't pronounce the names we just pointed to the pictures. He would make it right there and then put it on the little conveyor belt and it would just come around to you. The plates were different colors (white, blue, yellow, etc.) that was how they new how much to charge you when you were done eating. We kept ordering because it was so... good. I kept asking Steve if we were little pigs. I guess not because the two of us ate for $12,000 yen (that's only about 12 bucks)

Tsukjji market (Fresh fish) This was a smelly little place but we tried all sorts of fishy fish. There were fish and other sea life I didn't know people could even eat.

Every hotel had slippers and robes.
I had to try them out.

We took a tour to Mt. Fuji!!!

This is a picture of a picture of it from the souvenir shop.
Outside the shop it was so foggy you could see about 100 ft. so we didn't see Mt Fuji.

We took a gondola ride by lake Hackone, It went over a sulfur mine so the smell was less than desirable.

This was taken in a subway station, I have no idea what it is, but it looked neat.

Here is our pirate boat ride on Lake Ashi.
If you look close in the water you can see the red alter. If you have been to Epcot in Florida, it was constructed as a replica of this one. (well I don't know who built it first?)

Our last day it was raining... the sweet workers at the market must have felt sorry for us when they saw us look at the rain suites, try the ATM (that wouldn't take our card & the store wouldn't take our credit card) then walk out and stand under the owning deciding what to do since we wanted to make sure we had enough yen to pay for food, transportation and our departure tax. Two workers came out and gave us their umbrellas!!!

Imperial palace east garden.

Mandy wanted this picture because if you look at the date on the board it says 17May, Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!

We woke up in Japan on Sunday morning and I went to bed at night in my own bed Sunday night... 31 hours later. The longest birthday I've ever had. It was such a wonderful experience.
Thank you Steven for a Birthday to remember!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day!!!

Happy Mother's day!!! I love the homemade cards, sweet hugs and kisses, a little special attention given for the most important role/occupation/purpose a women has to be
a Mother!
My house is smelling lovely tonight... I got some senssy smelling candles today. I love it!!! My favorite was hearing them sing I am a child of God loud and soft as I looked for my hidden gifts. :>
My favorite part is.... the sweet tender voices. The way Lily says "Happy Muddersday" melts my heart. I had her say it over and over. I just love it and am sad to know that it won't stay that way forever. Today I was able to hear Jacob and Lily sing in sacrament 3 songs about mothers. This has to be my all time favorite sacrament meeting all year... well right up there with the primary program.

Jacob's Kindergarten had a special program and cookies and lemonade they called
"Mother's tea!"
I love my family and am so thankful to have the blessings of Motherhood!!!

Steve's office!!!

Steve in his "office" Wow... there are a lot
of buttons (does he really know what all these do?)

What a view... and it changes constantly.

Thunderstorm over Dallas!!!
Steven thanks for taking pictures at work. We love to see what you're up to!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jacob's Field Day!

Jacob... you are all boy!!! You have so much energy and you are ready to play hard!!!

Krahn field day t-shirt... you are official.

Here are some of the 16 events:

This one was a relay to see who get get there bag empty first. It was filled with army men, boats, and airplanes. There were 5 kids on Jacob's team and all of them ran as fast as they could they did great!!!

Jacob and his friend/fellow class mate/cousin of our neighbor Jeffery.

When I asked Jacob what he was looking forward to the most about field day he quickly replied

"the snow cones!!!!" I am afraid you were sadly disappointed (not quite as he'd imagined) it was more like eating ice... not much flavor and no fun cone shaped cup.

Oh well you ate in anyway with out complaining.

That is one big giant earth ball... your team managed to push it through the maze with only knocking over a few cones along the way.

This was a fun one to watch you do... had to hurdle over and through a bunch of obstacles first then put on the sack and jump around the cone. You were the fasted kid out of your whole class on everything all day long. What I loved the most is that you had no idea what anyone else was doing you were just out to have fun and that is what you did!

On this hoppity hop ball you took off and did it so easily.

Your balance and physical strength is amazing. You are defiantly

our physically talented handsome man!

This one you balance the ball on the toilet plunger all the way down and back.

You started first (you always seemed to be the first one... maybe you were the team captain??? or maybe you just have a way of getting in there) you took off leaving everyone in the dust. You team can thank you for being so quick.

Bouncing balls off the parachute in the shade... a nice one to cool down a bit.

This was a fun one for team work. You were holding hands and had to get the hoolahoop over one person to the next all the way to the other end. This one was a little more tricky for your team.

Coordination!!!! This was tricky but you keep with it until you figured it out! Way to go Bubs.

You and Nore were the only two who were able to do doubles out of all the Kindergartners and 1st graders. Talk about TEAM WORK!!!

Way to go!!! (What an accomplishment)

To end it off right we joined Mrs. Zarella and all your class for a picnic lunch out on the field afterwards. Thanks to my dear friend Jana we ate well and had a great time being able to spend the whole time there to share in your excitement. (Next year I know what to expect and I'll be a little more prepared)

Jacob has been looking forward to this day so much. This morning in the shower he said with a big smile on his face "I can't wait to get to school!" I can see why... you played hard!!!! I am so grateful to be your mother and to have been able to share in your fun today! I love you handsome man. Love life, play hard, and live life to the fullest.