Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day!!!

Happy Mother's day!!! I love the homemade cards, sweet hugs and kisses, a little special attention given for the most important role/occupation/purpose a women has to be
a Mother!
My house is smelling lovely tonight... I got some senssy smelling candles today. I love it!!! My favorite was hearing them sing I am a child of God loud and soft as I looked for my hidden gifts. :>
My favorite part is.... the sweet tender voices. The way Lily says "Happy Muddersday" melts my heart. I had her say it over and over. I just love it and am sad to know that it won't stay that way forever. Today I was able to hear Jacob and Lily sing in sacrament 3 songs about mothers. This has to be my all time favorite sacrament meeting all year... well right up there with the primary program.

Jacob's Kindergarten had a special program and cookies and lemonade they called
"Mother's tea!"
I love my family and am so thankful to have the blessings of Motherhood!!!

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