Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yeasterday I was in an accident.

It was my fault... I ran a red light.

Kali & I were on our way to set up for the Ward Pioneer day party of which I am in charge. I had Chili in the front seat, ice, & ice cream in the back and was trying to be careful so the chili wouldn't spill. I knew how happy that would make Steve. He works so hard at keeping the car so nice & clean inside & out. The car in front of me was going to turn right so I decided to change lanes so I wouldn't have to slow down (less chance to have the chili spill) as I checked my blind spot the light was green and by the time I changed lanes and looked back at the light it was red!!! I slamed on the breaks but I couldn't stop in time. I smashed into a Ford F-150. I hit the rear passanger side tire and took it right off. I am so grateful nobody was hurt and that this situation turned out as well as it did. I know it could have been much worse.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Utah in July

First night there. Kali meeting Grandpa Quick for the first time.

Kali meeting her Great Grandpa &Grandma Parkin.

Sleeping with Grandpa Nichol

Playin' with the garden snake from Grandpa Quick's garden.
Eating lunch with Grandma Quick and cousins.
At the elementary school across the street from Grandma's house.
They serve free breakfast and lunch M-F.
Jacob loved practicing going through the lunch line,
caring his own tray, and learning how to open the
carton of milk. It was good practice for Kindergarten this fall!

Going down town on tracks with G&G Quick & Nichol and cousins.
Jacob and Berkley went up front with the driver and he showed him
all the buttons. His favorite one was the horn of course.

Playing at the Gateway water area.

The water is freezing cold strait from the snowy mountains.
Not quite like Texas water.

After the Gateway we went over to the Brigham Young park just East of
the temple and listened to a concert in the park. The weather was perfect.
The girls had so much fun dancing to the music. Jacob, well he was not feeling
so well so he just layed on the blanket. (Kinda nice!!!) I think he had heat exhaustion.

Our next fun adventure was going to classic water slides with more cousins
and friends. I wish Houston had one of these it was so cheap and lots of fun!!!

Steve decided he wanted to go try out his parents new camper.
We went camping up Big cottonwood canyon at the spruces with
some dear friends of ours. Ivun & Heidi with their 4 kids.
Kali was amazing we put her between us and she slept
through the night!!! Lily won for dirtiest in camp.

We hiked up to donut falls. The kids did great although I think they were expecting
donuts at the top. That's o.k. Jacob enjoyed picking up all the special rocks. He ran out
of room in his pockets so sweet daddy unloaded them into his to help lighten his load (even though he carried Lily all the way up and back since she only had flip flops)
That meant that he could bring home even more now! Just like his grandpa Quick.

Snowball fight!!!! We were so excited to find snow in July. Last time we were in Utah
was in December and they had remembered playing in the snow. On the airplane ride there
I asked them what they wanted to do while we were here and Jacob wanted to throw a snowball at me. I said that we probably wouldn't be able to do that this time since it was
summer. Jacob suggested that we stay until it snowed. I think he would have loved to stay
until winter. They love playing with all their cousins and grandparents. They sure miss them
when were in Texas. My parents have been fixing up the house next to theirs and are looking for a buyer. Jacob came up with a great plan and told grandma that he will live there that way he could come over every morning for breakfast. I know grandma would love us to live closer but I bet after that thought... Texas was sounding good.

Fishing with Grandpa Quick. Jacob caught a fish and we
also saw a few moose. Oh the mountains are beautiful.

Birthday Eve!!!
A fun tradition started with
Heidi & Ivun when we lived in
Linwood Apartments. We had to
look for ways to celebrate during that
time of life. (Steve was on furlough & other rough times)

Birthday Morning. Jacob was ready for his party to begin.
6:00pm seemed like eternity away for his party so we let
him have a few presents through out the day to help the day
go a little faster. He started it out with his new race track.

We decorated Tanner & Ethan's bikes (thank you dear sweet cousins)
for the bike parade at G & G Nichol's ward 4th of July breakfast.

Kali's 1st Fourth of July. Loving on Grandma Nichol & Aunt Whitney

Yea... Party time at last. I asked Jacob if he wanted cup cakes or a cake? He said CAKE!!
I asked him what kind? (Meaning Chocolate or Vanilla) and he responded that he wanted
a TRAIN CAKE. So that's what he got. He loved it!!!

Present time!!! This he tells me was his favorite part.
What a kid!!! Maybe his love language is gifts?

At least he is very thankful... he went around telling everyone
thank you and giving loves. This is his great G&G Parkin.

FIrE wOrkS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kali's Baby blessing was on July 6th. What a beautiful day.
All our family and some friends joined us on this special day
We sure our blessed!!!!
We didn't get many pictures before everyone was changed out of
their Sunday clothes. But I did get one of her in her blessing dress(this is the dress I was blessed in) and me in my temple dress a tradition I've done with all my kids.

The night before we flew home. We were busy packing everything and
we found Jacob laying on G&G Nichol's bed reading a book to Kali!!!!
When we found them I had to get a priceless picture.... Lily wanted to
be in it too!
We sure had a great time. I have many more pictures believe it or not and many others that I wish I'd taken now that I look over the ones we did take. I'm getting better about taking them though and am loving learning how I can use them like this instead of letting them sit in boxes waiting to be scrapbooked one day. We love and miss you all so much.
We are greatful for wonderful memories we have to treasure for a lifetime.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kali's newborn pictures


tInY LitTle TOes




These are just a few of the amazing pictures our friend Ginger captured. Dosen't she do great work! We will treasure these precious little moments forever. They grow too fast!