Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our weekend

It's raining, it's pouring, the kids are soaking...

I love the rain!!! It's fun to splash in the huge puddles and run through
the streets kicking the water. I remember playing in the rain as a child
and just lovin' it!!! Unfortunatly as a mother I have to stop myself from
thinking... N0 Don't get Wet (it's definatly work to clean up) but for me the
memories out weigh those heavy wet levi's and tennis shoes that slosh into
the house leaving puddles on the tile floor.

Look at that smile :> she's in her rain boots & rain jacket with her
cinderella princess skirt. All girl but not a bit afraid to get down
and play hard!!!

See what I mean... that smile say's it all!!!!

Even Kali had to get out there!

Memories in the making.... these are the days to remember!

O.k. now that we have seen how much fun the rain can be and how
we get out there and enjoy it well that's only when we're at home
and it's not raining on our PARADE (so to speak).

On Friday Jacob had his Krahn Fun Run and well it's not fun to run in the
rain when your at school... so before school we had our scripture
power and family prayer and I mentioned to the kids that our events
for the weekend would be so much nicer if the rain could work around
our schedule... They know who's in charge of the weather!
The faith of a child.
The sun came out just like we asked for in our morning prayers.

Jacob's fun run was dry, warm, and a great success!

Jacob and Jeffery after running the track for 20 minutes.
Way to go boys! You did awsome.

After the fun run we ran into the EasterBunny at Walmart.
Lily was so excited... she especially loved the candy he gave her.

Kali on the other hand didn't feel the same way... maybe it was
because she didn't get any candy! :>

Friday night was our Parkway ward annual camp out up at Spring Creek park. I don't know about you but I don't like camping in the rain. I am the activities chair and was left to make the decision of weather or not to cancel... I am the worst at making decisions and go back and forth especially when it involves lots of people.
Heavenly Father knows me and loves me dearly... we had prayed for good weather and he delivered. It was a bit chilly but I wasn't picky just simply asked for No rain! Steve wasn't going to make it until late that night because he had to fly and because of the weather in the area I was afraid he may even not make it at all because of delays. I was so excited and overjoyed with the blessing from a Father who knows how appreciative I would be to have Steve's help when I found out that his flight had been canceled due to the weather and he was at home when we were leaving Walmart!!!

Steve and Wyck holding there freezing girls sitting around the campfire.
(Steve on his I phone probably checking opening time)

Jacob and Lily so excited to be sleeping in a tent with daddy!!!
Who needs a nice warm home and soft bed?

I do!!! Well I guess the back off the Yukon will
work for one night. Kali and I stayed warm
but she missed the part about how we were
suppose to be sleeping in the car not playing.

Bundled up and ready for a yummy campfire breakfast!

We had a great weekend filled with ward family, friends,
sunshine and a bit of cool air. It was beautiful!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

All about me! (Lily)

This week Lily was spot lighted at preschool. On Monday she presented her ALL ABOUT ME POSTER
She has been looking forward to this for a very long time. She brought her poster board home on Friday and we put it together with all of the pictures of her with family and friends. I was so excited when you said "Mom, will you please come to school to see me do my poster?" My heart was filled with Joy... Of course I said I wouldn't miss it!
Monday morning came around and Jacob was SICK. Steve was out of town and I was left needing to be in two places at once. I am so grateful for Sister Bliss who came so willingly to the rescue to not only sit with Jacob while I went to be with Lily she also kept Kali. I love the sisters of Relief society we really are a group of women who give relief to others!

Lily didn't know I was there yet, she had just came in from playing outside.

Lily and her friends playing musical chairs or as she called it

"High school musical" I thought that was cute.

Here she is so sweet and beautiful showing everyone her poster.

Lily you were shy but loved the attention!!!

You are our Shining Star. We love you Lily. Let your light so shine!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Neighborhood spring fling

What a fun weekend!!! Our neighborhood had our first annual get together. It was a huge success thanks to so many of our wonderful friends. Thank you for ALL of your hard work and awesome efforts... we had so much fun.

We started out the morning running a 5K (@3miles)

Go Daddy Go!!! Some dear friends of our kept the kids
for us so we could both run. Jacob was waiting on the
corner for us!
Here I come (I came in 3rd place for the women)
Lily was so sweet she ran out and gave me a hug.
Then the kids ran a 1K and ran the whole thing...
I wish a had a picture of Jacob running with all his might!
Lily ran holding her friend Lindsay's hand and mine
the whole time!!! They loved it! This was at the finish line!
(Thanks Clint and Jana it's was my favorite part!)
My goal was to do it in less than 30min and I did it in 29.27

Jacob and Lily in one of the bounce houses!!!

Lily at the Easter egg hunt!

Miss Kali wanted to be down and walking
She is such a big girl!!!

The fire department came...

Jacob inside the fire truck

Lily and Lindsay inside the fire truck

They sprayed the kids with the fire hose

they got soaked and loved every drop of it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family time!!!

Families.... they are the best!!! I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent us down to earth in families. I love my eternal family and all of our extended family!

This past week we went up to Utah to spend spring break in the snow!!! Not quite what I remember doing for spring break as a kid. The kids look forward to going to Utah to be with their Grandparents and cousins!!! In fact when Jacob was going to bed tonight I overheard him telling his dad how excited he is to go back to Utah in 3 weeks. (Kali's 1st Birthday) He's already counting down.
Here are some of our pictures of the fun week we had in Utah with our families... (I left the camera in the car sometimes :( I'm trying to do better.) Aunt Steph has some fun pictures of the kids at the aerospace museum at Hill air force base I'll try to get them and add them on!

Daddy and Lily giving each other an Orange kiss!!! We shared this idea with our sweet little Wyatt.... he liked it!!! I loved it too... he is getting so big (almost 3) I think Steph took a picture of Wyatt giving orange kisses.

This was taken before we left. Steve was able to join us for a few days over the weekend to be with me for Ryan Mouritsen's (a dear friends) funeral. We sure missed Steve this week but are grateful that he makes it possible for us to make memories with our family.

We started out the kids and I flying up to SLC on Thursday morning. We would have loved to wait until Friday morning when Steve came but when you fly standby you take what you can get. (Can't beat the price) I stayed the first night at my parents and then on Friday we met Steve's family for Lunch. Here we are at the Golden Coral...

Aunt Whitney lovin' sweet little Kali.... Mommy and Kali!!!

Grandma Nichol took us to an all you can eat buffet... the kids loved it they thought they were in a candy store with the fun dessert bar. They also enjoyed each others company!!! Cousins are so much fun!!!

Great Grandma "B" with Lily, Kali, & Jacob

4 Generations.... Kali, Steve, his Mom and Grandma!

Kali was ready to go and so was Steve.. thanks for the posterity picture!
After we ate Steve came with me to the viewing while LoiAnn took the kids up to Midway. We spent the night up there (the kids love to play up there on the golf cart even if it's 20 degree's)
It was a short stop over for me I went back down to Sandy in the morning to go to the funeral with my parents and friends while Steve kept the kids (Thank you Hun!) Saturday night be dropped the kids off to me at Ashlee's Junior high School play Peter Pan. It was so fun... the kids loved being with their cousins and they loved the play (I wasn't sure how well they would do for 3 hours) It kept their attention and I was very impressed at how much work went into this production it really showed. Great Job Ashlee!!! You were the prettiest pirate you did fantastic in your parts. What fun memories.
Sunday was here before we knew it and Steve was off to flyin'. The kids did so well at Church with Grandma and Grandpa Quick's. Then we enjoyed dinner with my family. It was so nice to see everyone thanks for always making the effort when we come in town. We sure love you guys.

Steph always comes down form Syracuse when we come into town. But they just got a new addition to the family, Chopper (a chocolate Lab puppy) so she wasn't able to. We were so excited to be able to join their family for FHE, and a sleep over!
Here's the kids playing outside but I didn't get one of the puppy...
I don't know who took this picture or even where it is (I think it is up in Midway)

I added this because I wanted to tell the Sill family (Garrett, Stephanie, McKenna, Ashlyn, Colter, Wyatt, and chopper) Thank you! Thank you for opening your home to us and allowing us to join in on the way you live life. Our prophet President Monson has said find "Joy in the journey" You are such a great example of this in all you do but as we were able to have family home evening (we talked about the atonement), family prayer and scripture study with you I felt the such a sweet happy spirit in your home as I watched you teach correct principles lovingly!!! I just really enjoyed being in your home and learning from your great examples of how simple yet important these things are. We do them too... but it's just great to see what we have to look forward to as we continue on our journey when our kids get older like yours are. I'm so grateful for the fine examples that you set. Thank you!!!


Mckenna and Lily. Thank you for being such a sweet heart and letting me sleep in your bed while you enjoyed sleeping on the floor with Lily... She just loves you!

Colter was sleeping until the flash got his eyes (sorry bud!)

Beautiful Ashlyn asleep next to me and Kali... thanks for sharing your room and being such a great cousin. Lily talks about how much she loves you.

Miss Kali asleep warm and cuddly.

Yes... this was taken at the same time the reason I post all the sleeping beauties and price (again sorry colter) Here's Jacob ridin' the horse full of energy while everyone else is sleeping! Not surprising at all. I love you handsome man! I sure hope you keep some of this energy when you get older... you've got life to live and you are livin' it to it's fullest, way to go!

On Tuesday we spent the day playing (I am so gonna love year round school in vegas) I wish everyone could be on the same tract :( we missed you Tanner and Ethan. Thanks for joining the kids Grandma!!! We went to Chuckie Cheese and then to the Aerospace museum.

Mckenna and Colter shootin' hoops

Jacob racing cars... I have to tell you each of the kids got about 20 tokens. Jacob was so sweet and when he'd find something that he really liked he just knew you'd like it too so he'd share his tokens so you could experience the fun. You are so sweet and thoughtful. My favorite one was the card that printed out your picture on it. You made sure everyone had at least one. That was awesome!!!

Sweet Lily girl. I love your pretty smile.

I lost track of how many times you guys rode this jeep... so much fun behind the wheel.

The group... we met a few of their fun friends!!!
That's all the pictures I took. But we had many more fun adventures. Playin' with friends at Natalie's house (Thank you so much for putting together the fun lunch/play group with everyone) I'm so grateful for such wonderful friends that find the time to keep our friendships strong over all these years... What's it been almost 20years. I sure love y'all!
Well this is it until next time...