Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our weekend

It's raining, it's pouring, the kids are soaking...

I love the rain!!! It's fun to splash in the huge puddles and run through
the streets kicking the water. I remember playing in the rain as a child
and just lovin' it!!! Unfortunatly as a mother I have to stop myself from
thinking... N0 Don't get Wet (it's definatly work to clean up) but for me the
memories out weigh those heavy wet levi's and tennis shoes that slosh into
the house leaving puddles on the tile floor.

Look at that smile :> she's in her rain boots & rain jacket with her
cinderella princess skirt. All girl but not a bit afraid to get down
and play hard!!!

See what I mean... that smile say's it all!!!!

Even Kali had to get out there!

Memories in the making.... these are the days to remember!

O.k. now that we have seen how much fun the rain can be and how
we get out there and enjoy it well that's only when we're at home
and it's not raining on our PARADE (so to speak).

On Friday Jacob had his Krahn Fun Run and well it's not fun to run in the
rain when your at school... so before school we had our scripture
power and family prayer and I mentioned to the kids that our events
for the weekend would be so much nicer if the rain could work around
our schedule... They know who's in charge of the weather!
The faith of a child.
The sun came out just like we asked for in our morning prayers.

Jacob's fun run was dry, warm, and a great success!

Jacob and Jeffery after running the track for 20 minutes.
Way to go boys! You did awsome.

After the fun run we ran into the EasterBunny at Walmart.
Lily was so excited... she especially loved the candy he gave her.

Kali on the other hand didn't feel the same way... maybe it was
because she didn't get any candy! :>

Friday night was our Parkway ward annual camp out up at Spring Creek park. I don't know about you but I don't like camping in the rain. I am the activities chair and was left to make the decision of weather or not to cancel... I am the worst at making decisions and go back and forth especially when it involves lots of people.
Heavenly Father knows me and loves me dearly... we had prayed for good weather and he delivered. It was a bit chilly but I wasn't picky just simply asked for No rain! Steve wasn't going to make it until late that night because he had to fly and because of the weather in the area I was afraid he may even not make it at all because of delays. I was so excited and overjoyed with the blessing from a Father who knows how appreciative I would be to have Steve's help when I found out that his flight had been canceled due to the weather and he was at home when we were leaving Walmart!!!

Steve and Wyck holding there freezing girls sitting around the campfire.
(Steve on his I phone probably checking opening time)

Jacob and Lily so excited to be sleeping in a tent with daddy!!!
Who needs a nice warm home and soft bed?

I do!!! Well I guess the back off the Yukon will
work for one night. Kali and I stayed warm
but she missed the part about how we were
suppose to be sleeping in the car not playing.

Bundled up and ready for a yummy campfire breakfast!

We had a great weekend filled with ward family, friends,
sunshine and a bit of cool air. It was beautiful!!!


Slyck and Slim said...

You put a lot of work into making the campout fun and I was amazed too at how the rain stayed away for the fun run adn the campout. Wish all of our kids would have been well so I could have come too. I love how you are such a good mom and allow your kids to make such fun memories in the rain! They will remember that all of their lives.

Kimberly said...

Thank you to all of your hard work to put on such a great activity. Our family loved it!

Jenn's Mommy Days said...

We loved the campout! Thanks for all the hard work! Congrats on the 5k that is awesome.