Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swim meet #2 vs Memorial Northwest

Lily we are soooo proud of you!!! This morning wasn't the easiest for you.
It started out by breaking one of mommy's new containers :( tears were shed but after Daddy held you and told you it was O.K. off to the swim meet you went with a smile on your face. Unfortunately there were more tears :( we didn't get to practice yesterday and this morning you were feeling a bit nervous and were very hesitant to get into the pool.
After a sad encounter with the coach not treating you the way you deserve to be treated, but once again Daddy was there to hold you and comfort you letting you know how much you are loved!!! After talking to coach Lynn :) you were once again excited to swim freestyle. You did awesome. First you did the relay with Lindsay, Danielle, and Kaitlyn. You were so nervous to jump in but after a few seconds you did it! You got in the water and started to swim... you crossed the pool faster than you ever have before. You didn't even touch the lane line :) Way to go Lily!!! You got a Ribbon and a sucker... thing were looking up. When it was time for your freestyle you jumped right in not once but twice. There was a false start of some sort so you had to do it over. You got right back up there on the block and jumped off right when the sound went off... you put Daddy in tears. We love you so much and are so grateful for your example of forgiveness and love. You beat your time by over a minute.
Freestyle 1:05.55
What an improvement you've made by turning onto your back for a breath!!!
You're coaches were proud of you and you got a coupon for a free buffet a CiCi's!!!
You did it Lily!!!
Handsome man!!! You did it again... you beat your times.
You came in second on the 25 meter relay again.
Freestyle 27.59
Backstroke 36.23
You are turning into fishes for sure!!! I love that you love to swim and do so well!!!
Keep up that good work and remember to always "Do the very best you can!" (Family motto)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Medicine time...

Miss Kali you have not liked taking your medicine for your ear infection.
This is day 9 of 10 and are not giving in. You saw me getting it out of the cupboard and you took off running saying "No like the medicine!"
I'm so glad we are done so you don't have to hide anymore!!! You are so much fun even when you don't want to do something... you sure make me smile.
Sorry you no like the medicine!!! All done :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lily's Graduation

Congratulations Lily!!! You are a graduating Dino!!! You have loved Mrs. Dorsey's preschool for the past two years and now you are moving on to Kindergarten!
You did the big walk on the "red carpet" with the wand to go get crowned!!!

Lily with your Diploma
Beautiful girl you are growing up so fast!!!
Presents from your teachers. They made you a book with your name in it!

I'm glad to see you aren't all grown up yet...
kids will be kids!!!

Giving Mrs. Dorsey her gift!!!

Miss Abbie and Lily! Cute friends :)

Good Bye Klein Forrest High School
It's been a fun 2 years!!!

Hot and cold gifts for Lily!!!
Painting and puzzles and a bag full of fun things for our Kindergartner to be!!!

Lily I love how focused you are at the things you love to do!!!
You are a sweet, beautiful little girl growing up before my eyes...
It's so fun to be a part of your life!!!
You will go far... I can't wait to see what your future holds.
Lily I love you!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mommy!!!

Pizza Party at the Pool
(thanks to Jason & Tiffany for the use of their pool and yummy brownies)
We love to swim!!! When Steve asked what I wanted to do for my birthday I couldn't think of anything I'd like better than to relax at the pool with my family.
Of course that means early dismissal for the handsome man.
Jacob thanks for being such a good boy so you could skip out on school
and be with mama for my Birthday!

Lily is turning fishy on us... looks like she might be a "star-fish"

I love you guys so... much!!!

Present time!!! Jacob, Lily, Kali and Daddy spoiled me...
I got to play hot and cold to find my gifts as they sang Primary songs to me!
Jacob bought me waterproof mascara (I'll need that for this summer)
Lily gave me this beautiful lipstick!!!
You are both so... thoughtful and giving. I will cherish each one since I know how hard you work to earn your own money to buy things with!!! Thanks for thinking of me!

Speaking of Thoughtful we have the most thoughtful Daddy in the whole world.
I didn't even know what I wanted for my birthday but Steven... you have been really paying attention to comments I've made over the past few months. These were gifts from the heart.
I love you more than words can say!!!

THANK YOU my sweet Family for a very....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim meet #1 at Spring Creek Oaks

This morning Daddy woke you up for the swim meet. All excited He said "It's time to get up. It's time for SWIM TEAM!!!" Thinking that would help you jump right out of bed. :) We will never forget your reply handsome man. You opened your eyes and said to Dad "I don't care if it's time for Popsicles!!!" Closed your eyes and rolled back over to sleep. We all had a good laugh and have been quoting you over and over. You are a silly boy!!!
Up you went and out the door in the rain...
Swimming in the rain!!! You were such troopers through the cold and wet weather.
You had so much fun!!! I'm so glad you are loving swim team. You are both learning so much!!!
Kali is a trooper too. She likes the treats.

That smile says it ALL!!!
Jacob: Freestyle 31.81 6th place
Backstroke 40.48 8th place
25meter freestyle Relay 2:17.51 2nd place
Lily: E for effort!!!
You got disqualified for pulling on the lane line but you made it all the way across the pool!!!

Way to go little swimmers!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day!!! It was a very special day for me...
Thank you for dinner and the specail plate for me to eat on :)
Thank you for making it so special!!!
Mother's day started on Friday and ended on Monday.
(Who am I kidding... mother's day is every day 24-7...I'm a mother every day)
Thank you Jacob, Lily, Kali, and Daddy for all my gifts!!!
I love them ALL!!!
My beautiful flowers were hidden underneath the kitchen table on Friday afternoon for me to play Hot and cold to find. (This is one of the kid's favorite games right now!)
Before Daddy had to leave for work he took the girls to the store. Lily picked out these beautiful roses I planted in my garden in hopes they'll last longer this way.
Good old Daddy is always a tease...
Lily put them on the bumper of the Yukon while Steve put the grocery's in the car. On the way home Lily said... "Daddy, the flowers!!!" She thought they were still there as they drove away, not knowing Steve had put them in. He played this one all the way home telling her they would be ok and hopefully still be there when they got home. He reved the engine fast then stomped on the breaks (you're so... mean!!!) When they pulled into the garage sneaky Steve put the flowers right back where Lily had left them!!! She was so excited to see them safe and sound.
I will cherish these roses for as long as I can keep them alive :) but the memory will last forever!
From the HEART, made with LOVE... so thoughtful!!!
Made at school, home, and church! I'm so grateful for Steve and all of the wonderful teacher's that help me teach these sweet children how to GIVE!!!!

Lily's sweet gifts!!!
You waited and waited from Wednesday when you got home from school until Sunday morning right when I got up to give me my surprise!!!
I love how thoughtful and sweet of a beautiful girl you are!
Thank you for being beautiful inside and out Miss Lily girl!!!!
Jacob you are so thoughtful!!! You love giving gifts. I love the excitement in your eyes as you can't wait to see the reaction to your thoughtfulness. I loved the painting you made me in art class of the flowers and the homemade picture heart thing you made in your room, the fun BIG card from school and flower from church... but this one was my favorite!!! I don't know if it was because of the way you read it to me over and over for days with such enthusiasm or if it was because the inside ...
message was not "generic" you told me that these words were the things you typed up as you thought of me and told me that I am: NICE, HAPPY, LOVING, CARING, PLAYING, and a
PURE JOY!!!! Even though I don't feel that way all of the time I'm so grateful that is what you think of when you think of me!!!! YES, YES, YES.... It's ALL worth it!!!

I love you Steve, Jacob, Lily, and Kali who make me the the Luckiest Mommy in the world!!!
I am who I am because of each of you!!! Thank you for making me, me!!!
Love, Your Mommy for eternity!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trial swim meet #1

Good morning Mariners!!!
6 and unders lined up on the ready benches for their first swim...
Handsome man ready to take the plunge and freestyle across the whole length of the pool.
Jacob's first swim meet and he did it in 29.67 seconds (3rd place for his age group)

Miss Lily girl getting ready to swim freestyle.
You earned that swimsuit sweetheart way to stick with it and "do the very best you can!"

As we got in the car at 6:45am these were Lily's words
"Kali... I am so exciting it's swim meet today!!!!"
You were so... excited and a bit nervous I think. You faced it head on and after every one else jumped in when they heard the sound you did it!!!

Coach Lynn was at the end cheering you on all the way... You held onto the lane line when you needed a breath and to rest but then you let go and swam your little heart out!!! You made it to the end!!! Way to go Lily.. I'm so proud of you.
Time: 2min 19.41sec
Jacob came in 4th place for back stroke pretty good handsome man for never swimming on your back before. I'm so proud of how well you listen to your coaches and do what they say!!!

Yes!!! The reward for all your hard work!