Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter time

Easter pictures:
Lily loves flowers and has been admiring her friends "flower gardens" This was my drive to get the weeds out the backyard looking good again. The kids picked out all the flowers they wanted and we planted them in the Flower Garden. In the center I planted a yellow callalily. I think this is my new favorite flower. It is beautiful just like my girls Kali and Lily.

We had easter egg hunts.....

This was our favorite!!!

In the dark with flashlights at the Parker's house!

Easter Sunday. Lily picked out matching dresses for her and her sister.

Following the string to find their basket.

Indy and Jacob

The kids got lanterns for Easter this year. They loved em.

sweet little Kali loves to swing.

This is my favorite... I thought it was Steve but this is Jacob
taking a picture of his shadow!!! Oh handsome man.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Handsome man, Handsome man!!! Lovin' golfing with the
FAMILY. We took the kids to hit a bucket of balls
for family night. Jacob has been taking out my golf clubs
to hit balls in the yard. I told him if he'd put them up so he
didn't break any windows we would take him to a special
place made for hitting golf balls as hard as he'd like!!!
He loved it!!! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more Jacob
whacking ball after ball or Steve enjoying a sport he LOVES
with his son who he loves even more! It was so fun to watch.
I loved the quality family time... the girls had fun hitting some
balls too and playing a little putt... putt. Miss Kali sleep in her
stroller right along side us. This was one of those happy days
that you soak in and remember during the ones that aren't so great.
Life is great and the grass isn't greener on the other side. Is is what
you make of it. I read a quote at a friends house that goes something
like this: Life will always bring storms so we just need to learn
to dance in the rain!!! I loved it (I'm not sure if those were the exact
words but that is the message i got from it)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's fun to be one!

Birthday eve... the kids were so excited to make cup cakes for Kali
for Birthday eve!!! We sang and anxiously watched her but she didn't like the
feel of the frosting on her hands. We were defiantly more excited about it
than she was.

We decorated Miss Kali's door... Tradition!!!
By the time I took the picture the balloons were
down and right after this picture Kali took the
poster down too!!!

she is into everything. Learning and discovering so much!

Kali liked the presents and the paper of course.

We got her a fun big ball, clothes, and toys to take to the pool (this summer)
We had some of our neighbors over for spaghetti dinner and cake and ice cream.

Kali with our good friend Naysel in the fun new Jammie's she just gave her.
(Thank you!!!!)

We were planning on going to Utah for Easter and celebrating Kali's 1st birthday with our family... but the flights filled up and we weren't able to make it up their for a fun weekend. The joys of pass travel (can't beat the price) it has it good and bad parts.

We are happy to have our sweet little Kali growing up so big...
Kali has been walking for a few months now so of course she no longer walks... it is now run, run, run!!!
She has 8 teeth and a smile that catches every ones heart.

You are a special little girl and we are so Happy to have you in our family!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Confrence time...

April 2009 Annual General Conference!!!

I look forward to listening to the council of our prophet and general authorities. It is so inspiring and a great time to reevaluate my level of commitment to the Lord. This time last year I was pregnant with Kali for the last day. She was born the Monday after conference. Now we have 3 beautiful children who have so.... much energy!!!! I wanted them to watch conference and try to be reverent and get something out of it. If the only thing they learned is that we (mom and dad) love the prophet and want to know what he wants us to do so we listen and

do the things we are taught!

We had treats.... yummy yummy!! Kali loves suckers we found out. It kept her occupied for quiet some time.

As they listened to conference they could get candy for certain words... they loved that and it really worked!!!

We also used the fun activity packet from primary. It was great!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be feed so spiritually every 6 months. I love the peace and comfort that I feel as I hear the brethren bear witness of our savior and their love and dedication to serve Him for the rest of their lives.