Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter time

Easter pictures:
Lily loves flowers and has been admiring her friends "flower gardens" This was my drive to get the weeds out the backyard looking good again. The kids picked out all the flowers they wanted and we planted them in the Flower Garden. In the center I planted a yellow callalily. I think this is my new favorite flower. It is beautiful just like my girls Kali and Lily.

We had easter egg hunts.....

This was our favorite!!!

In the dark with flashlights at the Parker's house!

Easter Sunday. Lily picked out matching dresses for her and her sister.

Following the string to find their basket.

Indy and Jacob

The kids got lanterns for Easter this year. They loved em.

sweet little Kali loves to swing.

This is my favorite... I thought it was Steve but this is Jacob
taking a picture of his shadow!!! Oh handsome man.


Naysel said...

OH HOW CUTE!! Jacob is so funny! And I love miss Kali's smile! She's so cute!---thank you--- :]

rwphillipsfamily said...

ohhhhh I miss you guys!! Hurry come visit soon! love pic of Kali in the swing! awwww! she grows up too fast. Jacob, cool kid. ha. Miss our lily bean! what fun pics!