Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Handsome man, Handsome man!!! Lovin' golfing with the
FAMILY. We took the kids to hit a bucket of balls
for family night. Jacob has been taking out my golf clubs
to hit balls in the yard. I told him if he'd put them up so he
didn't break any windows we would take him to a special
place made for hitting golf balls as hard as he'd like!!!
He loved it!!! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more Jacob
whacking ball after ball or Steve enjoying a sport he LOVES
with his son who he loves even more! It was so fun to watch.
I loved the quality family time... the girls had fun hitting some
balls too and playing a little putt... putt. Miss Kali sleep in her
stroller right along side us. This was one of those happy days
that you soak in and remember during the ones that aren't so great.
Life is great and the grass isn't greener on the other side. Is is what
you make of it. I read a quote at a friends house that goes something
like this: Life will always bring storms so we just need to learn
to dance in the rain!!! I loved it (I'm not sure if those were the exact
words but that is the message i got from it)


Slyck and Slim said...

Ah yes. Made me think of Mitt Romney's bit about Living in Deep Waters. So true. Glad you had a fun time! Steve might have a new golfing partner, eh?

Naysel said...

I love that quote! Awesome!!