Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swim meet #2 vs Memorial Northwest

Lily we are soooo proud of you!!! This morning wasn't the easiest for you.
It started out by breaking one of mommy's new containers :( tears were shed but after Daddy held you and told you it was O.K. off to the swim meet you went with a smile on your face. Unfortunately there were more tears :( we didn't get to practice yesterday and this morning you were feeling a bit nervous and were very hesitant to get into the pool.
After a sad encounter with the coach not treating you the way you deserve to be treated, but once again Daddy was there to hold you and comfort you letting you know how much you are loved!!! After talking to coach Lynn :) you were once again excited to swim freestyle. You did awesome. First you did the relay with Lindsay, Danielle, and Kaitlyn. You were so nervous to jump in but after a few seconds you did it! You got in the water and started to swim... you crossed the pool faster than you ever have before. You didn't even touch the lane line :) Way to go Lily!!! You got a Ribbon and a sucker... thing were looking up. When it was time for your freestyle you jumped right in not once but twice. There was a false start of some sort so you had to do it over. You got right back up there on the block and jumped off right when the sound went off... you put Daddy in tears. We love you so much and are so grateful for your example of forgiveness and love. You beat your time by over a minute.
Freestyle 1:05.55
What an improvement you've made by turning onto your back for a breath!!!
You're coaches were proud of you and you got a coupon for a free buffet a CiCi's!!!
You did it Lily!!!
Handsome man!!! You did it again... you beat your times.
You came in second on the 25 meter relay again.
Freestyle 27.59
Backstroke 36.23
You are turning into fishes for sure!!! I love that you love to swim and do so well!!!
Keep up that good work and remember to always "Do the very best you can!" (Family motto)


Cindy Quick said...

WAHOO!!! You two are amazing!! How great that you already know how to swim so well - will you please give me some lessons the next time we see each other??? :)

Kristin said...

What cute little swimmers you have! Nothing beats a CiCi's pizza buffet, huh?