Friday, April 30, 2010

Jacob's Job in a bag report

Jacob had the assignment at school to report on one of his parents job's... there was no question as to who he wanted to report on. I love that he wants to be just like his Daddy!!! Jacob you did so... well!!! You got right up there when Dr. Brown asked you to get your bag and come give your report. You were so excited and a little nervous.
Captain Jacob giving his report of the release form he knew so well after Daddy showed you once what all the numbers meant. Dr. Brown's son also fly's so Dr. Brown was liking this too!!!

You did awesome!!! Here you are showing the class the plane your Dad fly's and a picture of you inside the cockpit with Daddy when you were 3!!!
Your class loved the wings you gave to each of them and were in aah of the maps in the sky, you showed them Las Vegas Nevada.
Way to go on your 1st report! You did such a great job! I love you so... much handsome man!!!

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Cindy Quick said...

how cute is that - thanks for sharing this - what a great memory for him to have. Love it!!