Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kali's 2nd Birthday

Kali has decided she doesn't like to sleep in her bed any more. So I have to watch my step when I wake up... I never know where I' m going to find her. Her she is in the hallway so we decorated the closet door for her!!!
After I dropped the kids off at school I asked Kali what she wanted for breakfast...
So as you can see we stopped by the donut store!!!

For dinner she wanted CiCi's!!! When ever I want her to eat this is the
place to go, she eat her fair share!!!

Then we went to "wucky cheeses" It was great. The kids were
full so they didn't ask for the yucky food. We just played, played, played!!!

Kali was so excited she opened the door and said
"Kali do it!!!"
She is 2 now and is very independent!

I love kids!!! They are so much fun!

Kali loves the marry-go-round!!!

We came home for cake and presents. Kali wanted a puppy cake.
I attempted to do my best. I'm not too artistic but she loved it anyway.

Jacob and Lily have been used to helping Kali open her gifts...
No longer!!! She is fully capable and loved tearing into all the fun presents
from everyone. Jacob was so sweet and saved up his money to buy her something she really liked. He wanted to buy her this $25 cash register. So thoughtful!!! Kali really liked the singing princess microphone so he got her that and a scooby doo movie. Jacob is really into buying gifts for others, I love it!!! Lily made her a butterfly at preschool. Grandma's and Grandpa's spoiled her with new clothes (that she loves, what a girl) play dough set, color wonder finger paints, new shoes and pajamas. The princess Jammie's she has on are her favorite!!! The next morning when she woke up she came running to me pointing to her Jammie's and said, "Cinda-da-rella pretties" and wore the the rest of the day. All the fun new clothes yet she insisted on keeping on her P.J.'s
You are the sweetest little girl Kali!!! We love you very much and are so grateful
Heavenly Father sent you to our family!!!

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The Oylers said...

No way can she be this old. I cannot believe it. O how fun. Looks like you all had a fun day.