Saturday, April 3, 2010

a hunting we will go...

Happy Easter!!!! We had a fun weekend these pictures are out of order but that's OK :) Better out of order than not here at all.

Jacob and Lily had to find there hidden Easter baskets. They had liked that. Kali's was easy to find and no picture :(

Lily was getting frustrated so we had to play hot and cold... she got hot in the dryer.

This was Saturday at the school they got all the eggs they wanted!

That is one big basket good thing you got a new "big one" this year handsome man.

Waiting for the sound off to go get as many of the "50,000" eggs as you can get. A balloon popped and kids started running and there was no stopping them. It went fast.

Last year we had an Easter egg hunt at the Parker's outside at night. That used these fun lanterns and had a great time in the dark. This year we did it at home in the toy room. They love going around in the dark. I read D&C 93:39&40 about bringing up our children in light and truth and how the wicked one comes to take away that light. We turned out all the lights and no one liked the feeling of pitch black. When we turned our lights back on I told them how important it is for us to always follow Jesus and asked them if Easter was all about eggs and candy? They said "No Mom it's about Jesus dying on the cross and being resurrected 3 days later." I love that they know the true meaning of Easter!!!

So... handsome (Let your light shine!!!)

Thank you Grandma Quick for a fun present Easter egg hunt!!!

They hunted all over for more fun presents from Grandma!!!

Kali found one with a little bit of sister's help!!!

Parkway/Memorial springs joint Easter egg hunt at the park!

We had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs all weekend long Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday!!!
The holiday's are so much fun with kids. I love to see their excitement over the simplest things.
My favorite part was listening to their simple testimonies about Easter and Jesus and how they Know he is real!!!
This was a great Easter/ Conference weekend filled with lots of "sweet" things!!!(Candy and the Spirit)


The Oylers said...

Looks like you had so much fun. We had fun with our girls too and it is fun when you ask them what the real reason for Easter is and they know...makes me feel like I must be doing something right as a parent. We miss you guys.

Krystal the Pistol said...

haha! I love it!!! This post reminds me of Easter growing up. Our baskets were always hidden too, and there was ALWAYS one in the dryer. It was the first place we looked. :)