Thursday, February 19, 2009

LoVe OnE aNoThEr

Valentines Day is so much fun... I love the opportunity it

gives us to share our love for others anonymously!

Cupid came to our house... her gifts put smiles on our faces :>

Jacob - Cars Lily - Lip gloss in a Makeup bag Kali - P.J.'s

Lily asks almost every day to make cookies. She loves to make sugar cookies! I don't know what part is her favorite... eating the dough, licking the frosting off the knife or eating the finished product. She loves it all. I think she gets it from me. I had fun making cookies for all the kids and teachers for her preschool party.

Lily with Lindsay and Molly (her friends she carpools with to school)

Making her valentine bag at school.

Lily's Valentine party at Mrs. Dorsey's preschool.
She was so excited to have us come to the party!!!

Jacob had a valentines party at his school too. He wrote the names of everyone in his class on their valentines... I was so proud of him! He is really do well with reading and writing. Unfortunately I couldn't make anything for his class :<>

I love Valentines day!!!


Slyck and Slim said...

How fun! You are a great mom and always do fun things to celebrate with your kids. It is stinky that we can't make treats for the kids classes or even pass out candy with valentines anymore! So sad! I'll bet they still can in Utah!

Cindy Quick said...

How come cupid didn't come to our house? J/K what a cute idea. I love to see these kinds of fun things you do with your family. What fun little traditions to do - love it - may have to borrow this idea too. Seriously, I have the cutest neices and nephews!