Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kali's Legs

Poor Little Kali.....

Yesterday we came home from Utah.
Kali threw up on the airplane
but other than that seemed fine
until we got home and I changed her
diaper and found some bruising on
her legs. I called her Dr. office and
the soonest they could see her was on
Wednesday. They were booked in the
after hours that night. I thought I'd just
wait until morning and call Dr. Lacour.
2 hours later I was changing her into
her pajamas and found swollen legs,
more bruising, and red raised welts...
Off to the ER we went. I started out
at Willow brook Hospital ER and after
waiting an hour and only 1 person being called back
I asked how many people were a head of us.... when
they told me at this point(information that would have been helpful before I waited and hour)
that there were 10 people a head of us and would be about 3-4 hour wait. I asked for a place to
nurse Kali and was left with the only options being to nurse in the lobby with a bunch of scary
looking people or go to the car. Needless to say while I was sitting in the car nursing my tried, restless little Kali I called Steve. He gave me a number to one of the free standing ER's close to
our home. I called and spoke with a the receptionist who assured me I'd get right in. So I decided to go somewhere else. They told me then that if I didn't have medicaid that free standing ER's are the way to go. Off I went to start the process all over again. By this time it was after 10pm and I knew we had just begun our fun adventure for the evening so I tried not to let my self get too frustrated about waisting the past hour.
I had a great experience at 24 hour ER, all of the staff was wonderful. Before I could even finish filling out the paper work they had us go back to a room and start the process.
Kali was diagnosed with.... Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura what a name (HSP) It's a vasculitis which is what the bruising is from. When they drew blood from her arm it was crazy to watch her arm go from looking normal to having red raised welts and little round bruised appear all over her arm from the pressure of the tourniquet. She also has step throat. We've started Kali on Antibiotics and will see Dr. Lacour in just a few hours to follow up. We'll keep you posted. Thank you for being there for me last night. I'm so grateful for cell phones which make it possible to have Steve(home with the kids), my parents (in Hawaii), our family(in Salt Lake) feel like they were right there with us.Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We love y'all so much. We'll keep you up to date.

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April said...

I'm so sorry! I'm right there with ya, we waited for 12 hours in the ER sunday night, awful experience. Good luck, and I hope she's okay. We'll be praying for her.