Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well Dr. Lacour doesn't think that it is HSP. That's good news. He diagnosed Kali with Erythema Multifome. It is a rash caused by an overreaction to the infection (strep throat). It is very rare, a flewk thing that doesn't mean she'll every get it again just something that happened. She is taking a steroid for that and staying on the antibiotic for her strep. I was telling Steve that if she wouldn't have got this rash her strep would have gone treated. (Not good)
I'm still worried and watching carefully maybe I'm just Overreacting... but as a mother and a nurse who knows too much and has seen scary things I think I'm paranoid. I asked question after question and Dr. Lacour reassured me that everything was o.k. even if I didn't believe him. I must have come across that way because I am so concerned. He's going to see her again tomorrow just to follow up and see how she's doing.

In the middle of the night I was nursing Kali and thought I felt some weird bumps on her head. I woke Steve up and just starting bawling. He is so sweet he comforted me and gave our sweet little Kali a blessing. She is peacefully sleeping right now. We'll just continue to watch her closely and have faith that she will be just fine. I know Heavenly father hears and answers prayers.

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ash said...

That's scary. I know what you mean about knowing too much. When Lincoln was a newborn and had some gurgling noises I was convinced it was a trachealesphogeal fistula. Sometimes information can hinder you. :) I'm glad she's okay.