Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a wonderful life!

I was looking through my drafts that had been started and never finished... I don't know if you have any but in my life it seems I am always starting something and getting distracted by someone or something that is calling (sometimes screaming) for my attention.

I started this one back in November and it was left blank. I liked the title too much to delete.
I'm not sure what my thoughts were at the time but for now I must say Life is Wonderful because...

I am married to STEVEN ROSS NICHOL! He is the most amazing husband and father. I tell him often that he better let me die first (when we're like 90) because no one could live up to all that I've come to expect out of a husband. He does the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, bathes the kids, feed the kids, plays, tickles, wipes bums, rides bikes, chases, and best of all truly loves being with us.

For Steve's birthday his parents sent him some money(thank you!) We went to the bank yesterday and cashed the check. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with it... we looked around for a few things at Wally World (Walmart) but he just couldn't find any thing worth spending his money on. He decided that he knew what it was he wanted to buy with his B-day money... (Family Memories) Now I know this is something you don't buy... but sometimes it does take money to make memories. We love riding bikes as a family and we haven't been able to do this for the past 9 months (Miss Kali joined our family). We went to the bike store and bought a cute pink, happy heart helmet for Lily.

Last night for family home evening we went for a bike ride. Kali wasn't too sure about it at first. She wanted her helmet off. Once we started riding and she could see how much fun it was she stopped crying. We talked about giving with a happy heart and how the gift from Grandpa and Grandma was given to Daddy happily. Then Daddy gave to all of us the gift of riding bikes all together as a family again. We ended the night using the rest of Daddy' B-day money eating dinner at CiCi's Pizza. (The kids favorite place) The whole time while we were eating they were going out of their way to share what they had with each other and us. Lily wanted more noodles so Jacob joyfully shared his. They were just constantly looking for things they could do to give of what they had with someone else and just beamed with joy at the way it made them feel. We talked about how happy Jesus was with their actions and helped them recognize the Holy Ghost.

Last night was one of those days that you wished everyday could be like. It is because of these days that I can say I am looking forward to eternity with my family. All because "someone" took something of his and shared it by looking for ways that it could bring happiness into the lives of those he loves... which truly did bring Joy to all of us.

I hope I can remember the lesson of love and selflessness I learned yesterday and the feelings it brought to our family. Thank you Steve for being YOU!!!


Slyck and Slim said...

What an awesome guy! Thanks for sharing what you all learned with the rest of us. Those are great days that make all the rest of life worth living. And yes, you are tagged. :)

awindowsillview said...

I just love that I can come onto your blog and actually hear you talking...what sweet words and how great of you to notice Steve's kindness. If you weren't the kind of person you are it could have easily been looked over, but that's what is amazing about you - you notice and it changes your life and his and your kids for the best...I was in tears reading about your bike ride -thanks for the good cry! I cannot wait to see you guys at the end of the month, I just told the kids and they are sooo excited - love you...see you soon!!!

Cindy H said...

Cute helmet pics. Come ride with us sometime. I got a cool bike trailer for the twins. We ride to school all the time.