Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have been tagged (thanks Kim)... I am to tell you 7 THINGS YOU DON'T CARE TO KNOW ABOUT ME!

I enjoyed reading about things I new and some that I didn't know about Kim and I did care so here's for not letting you down Kim!

1- Last October Steve wanted to loose some weight and was frustrated by not loosing any even though he'd been running his little arss off. So I told him if he was serious that he could loose a pound a week by continuing to run but he'd have to cut out all the treats... so WE did it! No treats from Oct 1st to just before Christmas. It works... for any of you out there who are looking to really get rid of some of those extra pounds, try it!

2- Self Control... this is one of my goals for 2009. I went almost 3 months with out eating any treats (I've done it twice now) Now you may think that that is a lot of self control but after about 2 weeks when all the sugar is out of your system you stop craving them and it's not that hard. I'll tell you what is hard... One treat a week. Now that is self control. I love treats... we create so many memories and traditions centered around these calorie packed foods. I personally think it's the way us Mormons socialize. It's good stuff. Although I also think moderation in All things applies to these as well. So this year my goal is One treat a week. I'm sorry to say that I am weak. I haven't been able to do this yet but I will continue to try. I am eating them less often (every other day or so)... This is good for us Nichol treat monkey's.

3- Piano lessons... yes I have started practicing the piano again. I am teaching Jacob and Lily the little bit I know. As for me I'm trying to play the hymns made easy songs.

4- This week I am teaching a beginning crochet class to the relief society sisters in the parkway ward. I love creating things. I'm grateful for this gift we have been blessed with as women to Create. I appreciate Elder Uchdorfs talk from last women's conference on this topic.

5- I wish I was in Hawaii... If I could be anywhere in the world with anyone I wanted I would choose to be in Hawaii with all of my family for the rest of this month and next. (We would be joining many of our friends and family who are there right now):) Aloha!!!

6- You would have thought I was the worst wife in the world. I cooked my husband Crab legs one week and the next week I served potato soup. I couldn't believe the look on Steve's face of total unbelief that I could make and serve this for dinner. I learned that this is yet another one of the dinners I will not be making again for my picky eatin' husband. No more potato "poup" in the Nichol home. It was hilarious to see him call his mom hoping to get some sympathy... these were his exact words "I'm telling my mom!" Guess who's side she took? Poor Steven... :<>I am going to bed!

So now I get to tag 7 lucky people... Cindy, Stephanie, Whitney, Bailey, LoiAnn, Allie, Tasha... you're it! (Have fun)


Slyck and Slim said...

Way to go on your goal of one treat a week! That IS hard! You, if anyone, can do it. And I think we'll invite you over for some ying-yang chicken one of these Sundays so that Steve will stop complaining about potato poup. You are the neatest person ever!

awindowsillview said...

You are too good to Steve...he needs to just eat that potato poup and love it because you made it! haha. Where in the world did he come from?? thanks for the tag - watch for it to come! See you soon!

ash said...

I think about you sometimes when I reach for a treat. I say to myself, "one pound a week". It seems I'm not ready for that yet, but hopefully soon. Good job!