Thursday, December 18, 2008

Never enough time

I am in a season of life that I feel I never have enough time in any given day to do all the things I'd like to do. I know that it will pass quickly and I will wish for these days again. So I am trying to enjoy this journey I am on and love this season of my life. I do love it! I just find my self feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all the things I'm not getting done. (Blogging being one of them) So instead of letting it get me down today I decided just to write a little something and then as I can I am going to post a few pictures from the past month.
Wow, where has December gone? I am so excited for Christmas I love all the lights and fun decorations. The baking and the yummy goodies which will have to go again after the holidays. Sugar is an int resting thing... it tastes so yummy but it sure makes me feel tired and sluggish.

This month has been filled with fun activities... I was in charge of our ward's Christmas party which was a great success thanks to my wonderful committee.

Then my parents came into town for a week. We had a wonderful time. We went to the temple, sewed Christmas presents for the girls, baked and let the kids open and play with a gift a day from Grandma and Grandpa. It was nice to see them look forward to the opening of a gift and then show thanks for it by using it and playing with grandma and grandpa. We played Rummikub, dress up, read books, shaved Jacob's face, did our nails and makeup... etc. Lots of fun! I traded places with my parents for a few days... well they stayed here with Jacob and Lily while I flew up to Salt Lake to see my sweet sister in law Whitney in the hospital. She delivered a still born baby boy. I was so grateful to be able to sit by her side for a day. Oh how I wish I could do more but I will be forever thankful for my parents and sister who made it possible to enjoy the time I was blessed with to share with her.

This week I went to our Relief society Christmas dinner and service auction. It was a great success. We have so many sisters willing and able to serve each other by teaching skills, baking, cooking, tending, etc. We were able to donate and also bid on services we would like. I baked bread and am going to give a pedicure to Julie Hepworth. I came away with 4 family home evening treats to be delivered, a yummy berry cheesecake (to be shared with Chad Stolle who really wanted kristen to get it) and cards invitation of my choice. I am so excited about this. How fun to give and receive such wonderful talents that we have been blessed with.

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awindowsillview said...

I love to hear what you've been up to...soon enough you'll have all the time in the world (maybe) so you're smart to just enjoy this time in life. But I do love to hear what's going on over there in Texas. We missed you guys at Christmas...hopefully with your move to Vegas we'll see you more often! Love you guys!