Friday, December 26, 2008


The stocking were hung by our chimney with care...

And Santa came!!!

Jacob Ross Nichol's Lily Ann Nichol's Kali Emma Nichol's

They were so excited for Christmas!!! Lily loved her matching baby clothes they were dressed as twins all day. Jacob was so happy that Santa brought him what he asked for a Remote control Jeep. This was Kali's first Christmas she loved the paper, boxes, and ribbons. She is crawling all over the place and pulling her self up to everything. With her new toy she got for Christmas she is going to be walking before we know it.

Here they are with their gifts from Santa!

Kali found the cookies and milk we left out for Santa. He finished the milk but left a few cookies
that Kali helped her self too.

Jacob and Lily did chores around the house to help me out and earned a gift to give to each other. They did such a great Job and were so excited to give this year. When Jacob opened his he thought it was for Lily because they both gave glitter paint pens one was princesses and the other was Cars. (The name tag on Lily's gift reads... "To: Lily Meere chrismuse luve Jacob"

Here's Jacob and Lily opening their gift for Grandma and Grandpa Nichol.

I loved the shock on his face to see a helicopter and airplane.
Lily was so excited about her barbie and car.

Steven was so excited... He got a south west model airplane

The kids made reindeer's with their feet and hands

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