Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kids on Halloween night as a Pirate, barbie mariposa, and a pumpkin.

The kids left their candy on the floor and Kali was so excited she is crawling... there was no stopping her.

Lily loves her friends Danielle and Lindsay they had a great time trick or treating together.

What a sweet little Pumpkin.

What a fun group of kids they had so much fun running from door to door together
Carving pumpkins was fun even though I cut myself...
these little pumpkins are Happy.
Jacob and His best friend Indy at Trunk-or-Treat at the ward party.
Here Jacob is a firefighter on a scooter.

Our family at the Trunk or treat Parkway Halloween Party
We are Happy Hearts... because we got the Job with SouthWest Airlines!

Happy Halloween last month... Yes I know it's better late than never. We are working, working, working on getting the house ready to sell. It's nice to get things done but between that and a sick baby there is not much time for any thing else.


Slyck and Slim said...

What cute pictures and I love your new family pictures too! Ginger did a great job and you all look so happy! She captured those cute kids of yours so well. I must have you email me the pic of Indy and Jacob. We may need that in a video of some sort in 20 years. He he.

awindowsillview said...

Love your new family picture...perfect of all of you! And cute ones of the kids, too! You guys are going to be pretty missed - you have so many great friends!

Cindy Quick said...

The kids look like they had a blast for Halloween. I love seeing them all dressed up. AND your new family picture is so fun I really like it - you all look so good!

Austin and Amy Day said...

Mandlon, I finally updated my blog and looked at yours for the first time. I keep forgetting you have one and I found it off of Kendy's. I love you and I am so happy that you guys are moving closer and we will get to see you more!! Your kids are growing up and little Kali is so adorable and looks just like Lily did at that age. Congrats to Steve on the job!! Love you guys, Amy and Austin

Anonymous said...

You guys have the cutest family! Thats so great that you guys are moving to Nevada, Dave says hes going to visit all the time!

rwphillipsfamily said...

you guys crack me up!! love the family picture on guys are just beautiful!! What a fun halloween!! Kali..what a pun-kin.ha.