Friday, November 21, 2008

Grandpa & Grandma Nichol came to visit!

How do you spell Happy? Let me show you in these photos....
H is for Holding beautiful grandbabies. I'm not sure if the girls
or Grandpa and Grandma are enjoying this more.

A is for alot of blocks... 30 but whose counting. Well the box they came in said 3o but that is only if you count the box they came in. Only 29 came in the package. Crazy!

P is for pair... these two are definatly two peas in a pod. Our little lefty took after his Grandpa.
They enjoyed spending the weekend together playing, playing, playing!

P is also for Precious!!! Need I say more.

Y is Yea! Thank you GrandPa & Grandma for coming to visit us. We enjoyed our weekend together and miss you very much!
Thanks for making Texas seem not quite so far away. We Love you!

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awindowsillview said...

Love the pics of the kids and grandma & grandpa. Lily is as gorgeous as ever, Jacob looks sooo happy and Kali is so beautiful and getting so big - she looks sooo did that happen so quickly?? Not fair! Miss you guys.