Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lily's Princess Party!

Happy Birthday Eve Lily!

Look at that smile!!! She was so happy even though the tropical storm delayed and canceled many flights making it impossible for us standby (free be) travelers to make it to Salt Lake City for her princess birthday party with her cousins. So we celebrated her 3rd birthday at home in Houston Texas with our wonderful friends.

Lily's bedroom door the morning of her birthday. A fun tradition we started this year thanks to some great examples of friends letting us join in on their birthday celebrations. Jacob was determined that this be a part of his birthday and well when you do for one you do for all!!!

There she is in all her beauty! Sitting on her princess chair waiting for her friends to come celebrate her big day.

She wanted a princess cake and ended up with a Bipity...Bobity...Boo! A magic wand was all I could do. I had been sick all week and was well low on energy and had heard too many stories of sad looking princess cakes not working so well the first attempts. I decided to avoid a possible disaster and took the less stressful option and enjoyed this fun day with my princess!

Princesses and pirates watching Lily open her gifts.

Thank you everyone for making this last minute birthday party a magical day for such a special little oh... Big 3 year old. She has been waiting to turn 3 for a long time and informed us that when she is 3 she will no longer need us to push her on the swing "I am a big girl and can pump all by self." I think she really thought that when she woke up the morning of her birthday she would just know how to do it. How sweet and innocent her little mind is. She will come to understand that you have to work for what you get. But for now I love that she is our little princess and just thinks that things just happen.

I guess she decided since she couldn't pump that her friend Abby who is 3 wouldn't be able to either. Look at those sweet princesses. Lily you truly are a princess in every way. You are so thoughtful of others and wanting to do things that make others happy. Thinking of others needs before yourself, even on your birthday. This is a quality possessed by a queen. Way to make your heavenly parents and earthly ones so pleased to have you as a daughter.


Cindy Quick said...

Lily - I hope Three is full of glee!!

Mandy - What cute traditions you are creating for your family. I love the idea of decorating the door for the b-day boy/girl!!! AND the magic wand cake turned out adorable - what a cute idea!!

Slyck and Slim said...

Glad you posted so many pics of cute Lily! What a fun day you made for her despite all the disappointments. You are a great mom and that birthday door decoration is such a fun idea!

Allie said...

I know yall were bummed to not go to Utah, but we were excited to celebrate Lily's Princess Birthday! I love the door decorations yall did! I am so impressed, she must have felt so special! What a fun creative mom you are!

Jenn's Mommy Days said...

I am glad i found your blog. We had a great time at Lily's party. Love the cute pic of Lily and Abbie.