Monday, August 11, 2008

Jump for joy!

Kali is growing up so fast. I can't believe we've had her in our home for 4 months now! These are some of the new things she is doing...
Kali eating rice cereal. It was a family event. Everyone was so excited for Kali to take her first spoonful. Daddy got the honors then brother bubs was so patient with her as he sat and slowly fed her bite after bite.

There are not many things that interest Jacob to keep his attention span for a long time but Kali has a way of keeping Jacob focused on one task longer than anyone. I really believe that they were special friends before this life. They are two peas in a pod. They both light up the room with their precious smiles when they are with each other. Always full of giggles and grins from ear to ear!!!

Jumping in the Jolly jumper... Yea!!! My arms can have a rest. She loves to be held and well... I love to hold her. I know the day will come all too soon that she will be up and running and the days of holding her will be few and far between. Oh... that's sad!!!

My sweet girls. Lily loves our baby so much. She is so sweet & consoling always trying to make her happy. My precious angels... I'm so grateful that Families are Forever! Everyday my sweet angels our teaching me what I need to do to make this possible! I Love them so... much and pray everyday that Heavenly Father can teach me to love them the way that he loves us. I feel his love (charity) in my life when I am righteous and Do what he asks me to do. It lifts me. It fills me with peace and when I am blessed with pure love in my heart I find my self SMILING singing, and dancing just like I see my sweet children doing as they are truly ENJOYING this earthly experience. May we all Love more like He does. Laugh with our children and at our selves. And live this life with joy and rejoicing with our loved ones.


Quite Content said...

I loved reading your posts Mandy. You are ALWAYS so positive and upbeat. People are naturally drawn to you and can feel your caring nature for them. I am so blessed to be your friend. Can you teach me some of your patience skills? Some days I feel like I am completely devoid of that attribute. Keep spreading the sunshine.

Cindy Quick said...

It's so hard to realize that Kali is 4 months old now - holy cow!!! Love that you shared the 2nd day eating time (actually got me a little misty - cause we miss you so much) thanks for sharing these moments with us!

I agree with you - kids help us learn how to smile, love, and laugh. Gotta love it!! We love you much!