Thursday, October 23, 2008

Answer to prayers!!!

This is the happiest man alive... Here's Steve doing his excited little happy dance!

This is what I call a perm a grin!

Wednesday was the BIG day we have been waiting for for the past month and a half. Steve could tell you exactly how many days and hours it has been since he interviewed with

Southwest airlines.

WE got the phone call yesterday afternoon. Steve was outside edging the lawn and I was inside doing the dishes getting ready to go to a meeting at work when the blessed call came. I am so... grateful I was home when it happened. I wish I would have got a picture of his reaction.

Steve came inside all sweaty and dirty from working on the lawn and gave me that look like it's a good thing I love you!

He grabbed me and gave me a great big hug and I thought "oh no... have I done something wrong like scratch or dent the car. " Yes I have been known to do more than that to cars. Then he said "we got the call" He was crying! I was so excited I started jumping up and down holding onto Steve. We just held each other. What a cherished experience. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father that not only did he answer our prayers but that he allowed Steve to be home when the call came in so I could share in our joy and see Steve's excitement.

I was trying to remember the last time I saw Steve this HAPPY. I can only compare it to one other time in our lives. That was the night Steve proposed to me. He can't wipe that smile off his face. I can also count on one hand the number of times Steve has cried. It is not a common thing for Steve as it is for me. He said that when the call came in and it was from Southwest he knew he got the job! Before they even told him he started to cry. I love you Steve!!! You are a good man with a good heart.

After Steve told me we both grabbed our phones and started calling our family and friends.
I asked Steve to wait to tell Jacob until I got home from my meeting. So right when I got home Steve said "Jacob, we have some good news!" I told Jacob "your prayers have been answered."
He smiles and said "You got the Job with Southwest!"

If you ever want something, I mean really want something. Just ask Jacob to pray and ask Heavenly Father. He hears and answers prayers! Jacob has no doubt about that. The faith of a little child.

We have been praying and asking in every prayer all day long for the past few months for this to happen. So we came into the quiet room and knelt in prayer to give our Thanks to a loving Heavenly Father who knows the righteous desires of our hearts and is ready, willing to bless us if we'll ASK!

We asked and asked and asked some more. Now we get to thank him endlessly in each prayer for the next month and a half to show him how grateful we truly are for this new adventure in our lives.

With every adventure there comes it's challenges. Selling a home, (know any one who wants a beautiful home in a culdasac with awesome neighbors) leaving the best ward in Texas! With the most wonderful group of women (and there husbands and children too) that I have been blessed to share the last 3 wonderful years of our life with. We will miss you more than words can say. I have to stop now because I am crying! Thank goodness for pass travel, unlimited long distance cell phones, and blogs to keep us close.

As Allie said we will just let this be a Happy day! We will focus on the good parts and let the rest take care of it self. We have time. We're thinking it will probably happen in the spring sometime. We shall see. I am tired and rambling on so Love Y'all (I will always have a place in my heart for Texas) Every things bigger here... I know my heart sure has grown bigger over the last 5 years we've lived here in this beautiful part of the world.
What an awsome accomplishment Steve! I know not everyone understands how the airline industry works so let me just put it this way. To get an interview with the Best Airline out there during the worst time for Airlines was like finding a needle in a haystack. With alot of hard work and years of preperation for this interview not to mention all the money, it Paid off!!! With the Lords help, you doing everything you could, and great friends and associates helping out by just telling the truth about what a wonderful man Steven Ross Nichol is...YOU DID IT! Those are my three words to you rember that as you use your 3 words to Express Jet airlines "I don't care" Life is good!


Quite Content said...

Mandi I am so happy for your family, but it is with a little twinge of sadness that I say it. You and your wonderful family will be missed greatly! I am happy for the new experiences, blessings, and challenges you will have as you take the next fork in the road. I know how much Steve has wanted this for a long time. And I too know that the Lord hears and answers prayers.

123checkoutthefamily said...

First the Coffins, and now ya'll. :( We will miss ya'll so much but like you said, what a great blessing and opportunity. How exciting! Yay for flying privelages! You're welcome to come crash with us anytime you want to come back and visit. :)

Allie said...

Yay yay yay!!! I have been bubbling with excitement for yall since we got off the phone on Wednesday! I can only imagine the energy of joy in your house right now, and like I said, no one deserves it more! Being one of the few people that does understand how hard it is to get this opportunity during these times, I can boldly say, it is because of how proud Heavenly Fahter is of yall for the way you live your lives. It is a direct blessing from Him that was predicated on your family's righteousness. That has to feel GOOD! We love you and can't even think about the little detail in all this that means you won't be one block away. Okay, now I am choked up. Love you, Allie

Stephenie said...

Congratulations! I love how you described the excitement. Way to go!

Cindy Quick said...

We are so happy for you - you are TRULY excited and we just can't help but be so excited for you too. We know prayers have been answered with a YES! Love it when it happens that way. We love you and we can't help but feel excited that you'll be closer too!

Slyck and Slim said...

WOOHOOO!!!! We are so excited for the opportunities ahead for you. We know you wanted and hoped for this for so long so we can't be anything but happy for you...and sad for us who have to watch you go away. But I like what Allie said about letting this just be a good day and the rest will take care of itself. It hurts too bad to think about those things. I feel to some extent what Indy had tears about yesterday. I am pushing those feeling down though and trying not to cry. There will be time for that too. We love you, Nichol family, and are so happy for this blessing in your lives!

Steph said...

loved reading this post and your sincere love for Steve and your were truly blessed for your faith. Mandy, when we talked a few weeks ago and you mentioned you were already packing so you could be prepared when the call came - i felt right then that you would be rewarded for your are a great example to me. When I told the kids they wondered when we could go to Las Vegas and spend another week with you - we'll have to make plans. Congrats!

Jenn's Mommy Days said...

I am so excited for you guy’s! What a happy time this is. I know our Heavenly Fathers answers our prayers. I am sad that you will be leaving us. It has been a great three years but, now it is time for you to spread your love and friendship in a new place. I know Heavenly Father is sending you to where he wants you to be. I am just glad we have e-mail and blogs. Congrats, Love you guys, Jenn

Kimberly said...

What exciting news! So to hear you will be relocating, but I am so glad for your new opportunity.

G&G Nichol said...

we are so happy for you. We are crying tears of happiness...the "tears" because our flight privileges have hit a lot of turbulance. The "happiness" because this truly is a dream long waited for. Love mom and dad

p.s. hi kids...we miss you. Hey, it snowed here in Midway today. come up and join the snowball fun.