Friday, May 30, 2008

Jacob's Preschool graduation

Wow!!! Look at those eyes.
Happy Graduation
Handsome Man!

He was so excited to graduate from being a whale because now
that means he is a Kindergartener. He is getting so big. As we
were driving home Jacob said "I'm 5 now & a Kindergartener"
We did keep telling him that he would be after he graduated.
Man has he grown up over the past 2 years.

Jacob and Indy Nichol. Oh.. I guess that's not a wedding bouquet yet. According to Indy when she gets married she is going to marry Jacob. Jacob informed me that he is not getting married because he dosen't want to move out of our home. Although when he realized it would be with Indy he started warming up to the idea. Wow that would be one energetic marriage.

O.K. I know this is only preschool graduation but I'm sure before I know it he will be getting married. Now is the time to enjoy all these little moments before they are gone.

The diploma was a very fun

This was one of Jacob's
favorite teachers.
Lauren & Jacob

Mrs. Dorsey & Bubs

He finally got his squirt gun he's been asking
for... and something to help him practice
writing his letters this summer too!


Allie said...

Yay Jacob! He was swimming like a fish today! How fun! What a handsome guy!

Slyck and Slim said...

Ah-hah! I found you! So glad you have a blog. Cute pics and I laughed out loud at Jacob and Indy's wedding picture. Oh dear. I love the family picture at the hospital. You all look so happy!