Monday, April 2, 2007

Our garden

This is our garden! Startes with wildflowers
Then tomatoes, Zucchini and cucumbers
More zucchini... and a cucumber plant!
At the end is our banana tree.

Lily striking a pose in front of our banana tree

(She is wearing a paper hat that we made)


Natalie said...

very cool. I will have to take a picture of my unruly garden and send it to you. I am going to have tomatoes coming out of my head her in a few weeks..Can't wait to see you in a few days. Aug. 11 ps good for you on your family blog. I have asked Kendy to get me started on one. much love nat

Court and Jill said...

Mandy Nichol!!! What?? You have a blog? I have been thinking about you TONS lately and have been itching to make contact with you again. We got a new cell phone and in the process I lost your number, but I found out that you have a blog now, so this works for me!!! How are James and Bobbie? I think about them a lot. Email me so I'll have your address and I can invite you to see my blog (I keep it private b/c I'm paranoid about any weird lurkers) Anyway, email me: (It's not my real email but I dare give that one out over the www. )Anyway, I love your kiddos and was excited to see pics of them. I heard you're pregnant with another girl! Congrats! Love, JILL

Court and Jill said...

Hopefully you'll check this....I'm just noticing that this post was a long time ago!!